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We'll answer all your Radon related questions as well as provide you with all the necessary resources to keep you and your family safe.   American Radon Services of Virginia LLC is a licensed and insured Radon Measurement and Mitigator serving Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C.

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Q. What makes Diverta Drain
® better than other water bypass devices?
A. Diverta Drain® prevents water, ice and debris from entering the radon fan. Observation windows and an access opening with a closure cap is included for interior monitoring during normal operations.

Q. How does water and ice form in a radon system?
A. This is a natural occurrence, condensation will form on the inside of the radon system pipe any time the air temperature is lower outside then inside the pipe. Since the air drawn from under a basement slab is “Earth Temperature” at 50 Degrees and comes in contact with lower outside temperatures, condensate is formed. When it is below freezing, the condensate will freeze inside the radon pipe and at the metal critter screen, blocking off air flow and preventing radon gas from leaving the home. During freeze-thaw cycles the ice thaws and drops down toward the radon fan. The freeze thaw cycle can repeat on a daily basis during winter freezing nights and warmer daytime temperatures.

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​​HOW Diverta Drain® WORKS
Diverta Drain® protects radon mitigation system exhaust fans from ice and water damage. When the radon fan pulls warmer, moisture laden air from under the sub-slab and sends it outward through the exhaust pipe, this very humid air comes in contact with colder winter air and condenses back to water or ice inside the exhaust pipe. The ice can break up and fall back into the fan housing, causing damage to the blades and/or fan motor. The condensed water can also drain back into the fan housing, causing additional, unnecessary wear on the fan. Diverta Drain® prevents water and ice from making contact with the exhaust fan, protecting it from ice and water damage. 

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Diverta Drain®

Q. Can the placement of a conventional metal critter screen create additional ice blockage problems?
 Yes, there are several reasons why a metal screen mounted on top of the radon pipe causes additional ice blockage problems. First, a metal screen will conduct cold very fast and the condensate will flash freeze to the metal screen and begin an ice buildup causing air flow blockage. Second, the metal screen is installed horizontally at the top end of the radon pipe. The metal screen is exposed to sleet and snow, which will collect on the frozen metal screen at an accelerated rate causing air flow blockage. 

Q. Is a water and ice protective device really necessary?
Yes, experts agree that it is important to protect the radon fan from damage resulting from falling ice and water. Air flow blockage will cause the fan to work harder and possibly overheat or shut-down completely. If the radon system’s air flow is blocked with ice or the fan is not operating, then radon gas is not being removed from the building. 

Q. Is a water and ice protective device required by the EPA?
 No, but most members of the radon community believe it is a wise idea for a more reliable radon system. 

Q. In America, how many states are subject to freezing temperatures that might cause ice to form in the radon system?
Freezing temperatures are recorded in every state except Hawaii.

Q. Do radon fan manufacturers recommend protecting their fans from ice and water?
 Yes, manufactures recommend that their fans be protected from damage with a bypass device above the radon fan. For further details, contact your radon fan manufacturer.

Q. Could Diverta Drain
®, as part of the radon mitigation system, be considered a preventative measure against radon system failure?
 Yes, it is also considered valuable insurance against radon system failures. 

Q. How much additional time and labor is required to install a Diverta Drain
Diverta Drain® is shipped fully assembled. The Diverta Drain® requires a hole drilled into the suction pipe below the fan to accept the 5/8” ID hose.  

Q. As a radon mitigation installer, can I promote that I install Diverta Drain
® as part of my mitigation protocol and expect that my business will stand out from other radon mitigation companies?
Yes, you may tell the world that your company goes the extra steps necessary to install the very best radon system possible, it is always better to lead with quality. 

Q. Could it be said that Diverta Drain
®, included as part of the radon mitigation system is a good addition to my own installation protocol?
 Yes, you are offering better value to your customer and you are identifying your company as a quality driven radon professional. 

Q. Should my radon mitigation company be the first to offer these improvements, and will it help me separate from the “low bidders?”
Yes, with these products, your sales team will make more sales without depending on being the low bidder to get the jobs. Customers appreciate quality and value, particularly when it comes to their family’s health and welfare. The lowest price is not always the best value.


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When you're dealing with a Radon reduction system, your choice in contractors does make a difference.  Not all Radon reduction systems are built the same.  At American Radon Services of Virginia LLC we use quality parts that are installed by certified technicians all backed by our 1-year warranty.

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