American Radon Services provides radon mitigation services in Aldie, Alexandria, Arlington, Ashburn, Caroline, Culpeper, Fairfax, Fredericksburg, Gainesville, Haymarket, King George, Manassas, Orange, Richmond,Springfield, Spotsylvania, Stafford, Warrenton, Woodbridge and other parts of Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. ​​ Radon mitigation or abatement is any process or system used to reduce radon concentrations in the breathing zones of occupied homes or buildings.  The goal of a radon mitigation system is to reduce the indoor radon levels to below the EPA action level of 4 pCi/L.  A quality radon reduction system is often able to reduce the annual average radon level to below 2 pCi/L.  The cost to have a mitigation system installed can range from approximately $800-$2500, with the average radon reduction system costing approximately $900.  The cost to operate most systems is between $60-$70 per year. Contact us today for a free no obligation quote.

Properly designing and installing a radon mitigation system is a professional level activity. This will ensure the final system is properly located and sized to achieve optimal radon reduction and not cause any other potential issues with the structure.  Only radon mitigation professionals should be hired to do radon mitigation.  Be certain the individual hired visits the jobsite prior to beginning any work to give you a solid proposal for mitigation.  Also make sure the certified individual will be on-site doing the work on your house. 

Consumers need to be aware of uncertified individuals conducting radon-related work.  Be aware of uncertified installers and inexpensive mitigation rates.  Price quotes promising really low installation rates are often too good to be true and leave the consumer with sub-standard workmanship and materials and a radon system that may not be working.  Be sure to get a firm price and avoid hidden fees for future work when it may become necessary. Also, do not pay for the system in full before the work is complete.


​Any home can have a radon problem, no matter what type of foundation it has.

Basement: Provides a large surface area in contact with soil material.  Radon can enter through cracks in the concrete, or through floor-to-wall joints or control joints. Since many homes use their basements as living space, exposure to radon can be further increased. But radon can enter a home regardless of whether or not there is a basement.

Slab-On-Grade: Slabs built on grade can have many openings that allow radon to enter, just as in a basement.

Crawl Space: Homes with crawl spaces can also have elevated radon levels.  The vacuum effect can draw radon gas from a crawl space into the home.

Manufactured Homes: Unless these buildings are placed on supports without skirting around them, interior air pressure vacuums can cause radon to enter manufactured homes, as well.


Active sub-slab suction: (also called the sub-slab depressurization, or SSD) is the most common and usually the most reliable system because it draws radon-filled air from beneath the house and vents it outside.

Passive sub-slab suction: is the same as active sub-slab suction, but not as effective. It relies on air currents instead of a fan to draw radon up from below the house.

Drain tile suction system: caps are placed on the sump pump baskets. The pump continues to drain unwanted water.

Block wall suction: systems are used in homes with hollow block foundations by using an interior route ASD, garage ASD, or exterior route ASD where radon is removed from the wall by depressurization.

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American Radon Services of Virginia LLC is a licensed and insured Radon Measurement Specialist.  All homes should be  tested for Radon regardless of where you live.  Learn about all the possible Radon Tests and contact us to help you choose which testing method is best for you.

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When you're dealing with a Radon reduction system, your choice in contractors does make a difference.  Not all Radon reduction systems are built the same.  At American Radon Services of Virginia LLC we use quality parts that are installed by certified technicians all backed by our 1-year warranty.



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We'll answer all your Radon related questions as well as provide you with all the necessary resources to keep you and your family safe.   American Radon Services of Virginia LLC is a licensed and insured Radon Measurement and Mitigator serving Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C.

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American Radon Services of Virginia LLC provides service in the Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C.  area.  Our after sales service is tops in the industry.  We service all radon fan models and offer affordable maintenance contracts that fit your budget.

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